Unsung Heroes

Want to become more involved in the club but too frightened to ask? Put your hand up for any of the many ex committee roles the club has devolved from its central committee team and all you have to do is offer. Try these…

And hey nothing is set in stone. If you want to be more involved and just want to put your hand up, we’ll find a job that accommodates your organisational or skill talent set. All you have to do is to email David Segal (vp@actbeekeepers.asn.au) and we will pop you on the list as a contender.

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Coordinator roleTaskOccupancyJoin/re-appointment
Member welcomingOrganising name tags and bringing them to meetingLyn ShielsLyn Shiels
Membership coordinatorFacilitate registration and initial contact with new members/maintenance of club member registerVicki Hingston-JonesWe need someone!
Speaker and club meeting coordinationSpeaker invitations and meeting venue organisationDermot Assis Sha'NonOpen
Supper cateringManaging supper roster and facilitating food and drink purchasesCaroline Archer
Audio visualSet up and maintenance of audiovisual gear for club meeting and apiary eventsDave SegalOpen
LibrarianManage club meeting loans and manage acquisition of key bee textsLyn Shiels
Canberra ShowFacilitaion of club stand and honey judgingLyn ShielsLyn Shiels
WebmasterMaintaining and moderating club web contentDave SegalDavid Segal
Events managementFacilitating club involvement in public events including organising and publicising annual field dayCommitteeOpen
TrainingArranging and facilitating training courses including apiary-based club activitiesFrank Derwent
Newsletter editorCoordination and production of newsletterJuli PooleJuli Pool
Extraction gear hireKeeping track of, acquiring and maintaining equipment loans (north and south side)Simon and Paul Zabb (north-side), southSimon, Paul other TBA
Apiary managementMaintaining bee colonies and facilitating apiary based club activitiesAlan WadeOpen - to be shared
Apiary heavy lifter teamApiary hive management assistance currently coordAlan WadeOpen
Top Bar teamMaintenance and operation of KTBs and Warré coloniesGreg Bates/Cormac FarrellTBA
Hive buddiesMaintaining and facilitating member-based apiary demonstration activitiesChristine JoannidesOpen
Hive productsManage sale of JWA honey and hive product workshops; arrange mead making and medieval mead eventVacantOpen
Sentinel managementSentinel hive management, surveillance and formal reportingJeff Matsen/Cormac Farrell/Christine JoannidesTBA
Sentinel teamSentinel hive management and exotic organism surveillance. Facilitated and managed by Christine JoannidesChristine JoannidesTBA
Native beesManage special interest groupPeter AbbottPeter Abbott
Irradiation officerCollect and organise irradiation of single super gearPeter McKeahniePeter McKeahnie