The Management Committee is responsible for the general administration of the Association’s affairs.  The Committee is interested in hearing from members on any matter related to beekeeping, particularly insofar as it relates to beekeeping in our region.  Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the committee should you have an inquiry or suggestion, or wish to assist the Association in some way.

Incumbent and contact details for the Management Committee are detailed below:

  Incumbent Mobile Email
President Dermot Asls Sha’Non 0408 201 450
Vice President Dave Segal 0433 746 304
Secretary Phil Andrews 0408 539 579
Treasurer Justin Freeman 0402 027 764
Member Juli Poole 0432 629 566
Member Frank Derwent 0406 375 193
Member Viv Rolland  0431 676 864

Position Descriptions

The details about the roles and responsibilities of each member of the management committee is contained in the following documents.  If you require further details, please contact the current incumbent of the management committee (listed above).