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$ 4,200.00
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Standard (not the AWD version) Kaptarlift motorised hive trolley.
Got it in 2019 as an emergency backup to my then (now sold) hive trailer with Easyloader. Never used the Kaptarlift - it has been in my shed the whole time - and sold my hive trailer/Easyloader.

My hives are on pallets now, using a truck and loader, so no need for the Kaptarlift.

Kaptarlift fully charged and test loaded a double poly (foam) hive onto and off of my Ute tray. Kaptarlift specs say maximum lift height is 1m, but actually lifts to about 1.1m height.

Easy to move individual supers as well.

Quick and easy to use, motorised forward and reverse.

Can provide contact details another bee keeper locally who has one of these.

Located near Bungendore
0466 247 481

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