The Association has four honey extractors for the use of members. We also have an electric uncapping plane.

Borrowing Rules

  • The extractor and equipment is for the use of financial members only.
  • A borrowing period is Friday night to Sunday or Sunday to Friday. Obviously you can return it earlier if you have finished with it.
  • Please return the equipment when you say you will so the next hirer will not be disadvantaged.

Cost: There is no charge for borrowing the equipment but a $50 deposit is requested for the extractors.

Cleaning: The borrower is responsible for picking up and returning the equipment in a clean and hygienic condition. Stubborn wax can be removed by soaking in cold water.


Northside (Kaleen):

Paul Zarb – 6241 5534

The Northside equipment consists of:
•A three frame bench extractor in a cardboard box
•2 Sieves
•Honey bucket with gate
•Honeycomb scraper

Inner North (Watson):

Simon – 6241 0872 or 0434 568 167

The Inner North equipment consists of:
•A three frame extractor
•Honey bucket with gate
•Stainless steel uncapping fork
•Double sieve

Southside (Monash):

Marty Desmet – 0409 227 937

The Southside equipment consists of:
•A two frame extractor including legs in a stout cardboard box
•A board to attach the legs to (nuts in a tube in the box)
•2 Sieves
•Honey bucket with gate
•Honeycomb scraper

Instructions: Attach the legs to the extractor first using the fasteners that can be found in the small tube in the box, and then mount the whole extractor on the board.

Note: It is easier to attached the legs to the extractor first and then mount it onto the board.

Central Canberra (Curtin):

Pip Giovanelli (‭0438 813 200‬)

The central Canberra equipment consists of:
•An old Australian made Penders galvanised iron two frame extractor
•Honey bucket with gate
•Stainless steel uncapping fork
•Double sieve

Other Equipment:

The honeycomb scrapers will take a little getting use to, but are effective with a little practice. Gentle action and the correct angle will break the cappings very quickly and easily. Alternatively, use a hot kitchen knife to cut the cappings off. A kitchen knife can be heated in a saucepan of hot water and dried with a tea towell.

Uncapping Plane

The uncapping plane was kindly donated to the Club by club member, Cordelia Dalton.
The uncapping plane can be borrowed by phoning Cormac on 0422 441 358