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With over 500+ members, Canberra Region Beekeepers provides members with access to all Club equipment, and discounts on courses PLUS a welcoming and vibrant beekeeping community.

We welcome you to join us at our next monthly meeting and have your chance to be involved in our popular Q and A -“Beginner’s Corner”. Be part of the buzz – join Canberra Region Beekeepers!


A bee swarm is the result of the natural response to the reproductive process in bees occurring in the wild and in managed hives. It is a normal process for bees to swarm often in early Spring and Summer in Canberra. Canberra Region Beekeeper association members are always willing to help to catch a bee swarm. 


The sight of bees swarming can be unnerving to people yet a sting is unlikely as they’ve just gorged themselves on honey before departing.


Contact a member of the Canberra Region Beekeepers to catch a bee swarm.

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Beekeeping is a never ending learning journey. Canberra Region Beekeepers support new and intermediate beekeepers through a range of courses. 


Whether you are interested in a half day taster, a more in depth two day course or even a Natural Beekeeping course you will find opportunities to learn from experienced, local beekeepers. Discounts apply for Canberra Region Beekeeper Association members.


Take the next step on your beekeeping journey through one of Canberra Region Beekeepers courses.

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Beekeeping is not just a hobby it’s a passion! Become a member and share your passion with others. Whether you are a backyard beekeeper or a professional, Canberra Region Beekeepers provides you with the opportunity to share, learn and be inspired by others.

Ian Hawke, President ACT Beekeepers Association
Ian Hawke

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