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Do you want to advertise on the Bee Swarm Collector List? The general public will then contact you during Bee Swarm season to collect local Bee Swarms. There is a high volume of enquiries for Bee Swarm collections. Both Membership and Insurance are required, see below.
Do you want to advertise for removal of established Bee colonies on the Bee Swarm Collector List? This is listed below the Bee Swarm Collectors. Bee Colonies can be located in unusual but common places as: bird boxes, possum boxes, letter boxes, house walls, roof cavities, sheds, dog houses, shoes, cars, outdoor speakers and any other small "Bee" spaces.
To advertise on the Bee Swarm Collector List you must have current Public Liability insurance that covers the services you provide and be a current Member of the ACT Beekeepers Association.
If you advertise as a Bee Swam Collector, please indicate which regions you service.
The ACT Beekeeping Association is powered by it's members. How would you like to be involved with growing and supporting the Association? Please indicate how you might like to be involved and we may contact you at some stage in the future. If you do not wish to be an involved Association member, then select "None".