Looking for some second hand beekeeping equipment? Do you need a swarm for your new hives?


Established hives in plastic or wood. 3 box 10 frame Technoset plastic hive $700 3 box 10 frame wooden hive with flow style super and frames ( probably non genuine) $800 (3x) 3 box 8 frame plastic hive $650 Best contact phone or text 0402 201 450
Total views: 344
Price: $ 550.00
Mated Queens for Spring

Mated Queens for Spring

I am likely to have an excess of mated queens in October 2021. If you need a queen I might have one for you.
Total views: 75
Price: $ 38.00
Honey Jars

Honey Jars

I've ended up with more jars than I need. 300ml which holds 400gm. Selling at cost price, so save on freight.
Total views: 459
Price: $ 1.05
Hive lifter / hive trolley - manual

Hive lifter / hive trolley - manual

Australian (Quality Bee Supplies, Brisbane) made manual hive trolley / lifter. Side grips and fork lift style attachment. As new, no longer needed (cost over $1800 new) Move your hives or just one super Located at Bywong
Total views: 80
Price: $ 1,500.00
Swarms and Nucs

Swarms and Nucs

Taking orders for swarms and Nucs. Swarms are $50. Nucs are re-homed colonies that have overwintered and will hopefully be ready by late September/early October 6 frame colonies $240 in to your gear.
Total views: 211
Price: $ 240.00
Hands on bee course - Snowgum Honeybees

Hands on bee course - Snowgum Honeybees

One day ‘hands on bee course’: Course 1: Sat 25 Sep 21 Course 2: Sat 16 Oct 21 Course 3: Sat 30 Oct 21 What you get: * training: Queen management,
Total views: 596
Price: $ 350.00
full depth frames made complete

full depth frames made complete

bee frames supplied and wax. or supplied your own box made up
Total views: 631
Price: $ 10.00
Bees.  Nucleus Hives, Queens

Bees. Nucleus Hives, Queens

Local Beekeeper with almost 40 years of Beekeeping experience, running up to 600 hives in southern NSW and the ACT. We provide: (1) queens raised from our breeder queens $33 each (2) standard (5 frame) nucleus of bees in a 5 frame Corflute nuc box.
Total views: 3248
Price: $ 33.00
Happy to help others collect swarms

Happy to help others collect swarms

Thank you for all the calls about free swarms. I now have four new hives and am at capacity. But I'm still happy to help others collect swarms as it was so much fun!
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Price: $ 0.00
Bees and gear available

Bees and gear available

New, painted 8 frame wooden boxes, bases and lids. Boxes $45 (Wax dipped and painted) Base $40 Lid $40 Emlocks $15 Full depth wired wooden frames $5 Full depth foundation sheets $3.50 Brand new,
Total views: 2134
Price: $ 2,615.00