All Canberra beekeepers are required to register their hives under amendments to the Animal Diseases Act 2005. This helps the ACT Government easily identify and contact beekeepers in the event of any possible outbreak of bee-related disease. For more details see the ACT City Services website.

Registration is free and valid for three years and can be done using the online registration form. Both commercial and non-commercial operators need to register, unless they have already registered in NSW.

Registered beekeepers are also asked to adhere to the Code of Practice for Beekeeping in Residential Areas, maintain a record of movement or sale or disposal of beehives; and promptly notify the ACT Chief Veterinary Officer of any signs of a notifiable disease.

Note the Bees page on the ACT City Services website also includes the Code of Practice for Beekeeping in Residential Areas of the ACT,  a  good guide to your rights and responsibilities for keeping bees in your backyard.  Want to know how many hives you can keep in your backyard or what you are obliged to do if you find your bees are diseased?  It’s all there.