The Mercer Mat

Most beekeepers insert some kind of inner cover between the top super and the hive lid. Although used overseas, inner covers or ceilings made of plywood or masonite with a rim of battens all round […]

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Bee Friendly Gardens

NATIVE TREES AND SHRUBS Eucalypts, Acacias, Callistemons, Melaleucas, Leptospermum, Grevillea, Casuarina, Boronia, Pittosporum, Melia, Banksia. INTRODUCED TREES AND SHRUBS Ligustrum, Pinus, Salix, Schimus, Camellia, Tamarix, Wisteria, Abelia, Prunus, Citrus, Fruit Trees, Lavender. HERBS AND VEGETABLES Borage, Mint, Rosemary, Thyme, many […]