If you are producing and selling honey in the ACT, you are required to register a food business (as a manufacturer) with the Health Protection Service.

Your food businesses registration application should include:

  • New Food Business Registration Form – please include the following:

o   Certified photo identification of nominated contact person

o   If registering as a company, ASIC Company Extract (available online for $9)


  • Fitout Application Form – please include the following:

o   Plans of the food preparation area

o   A mock-up of a label

o   Recall plan

Please see the Food Safety Supervisor guide for Food Safety Supervisor requirements.

You will also be required to label your product and to have a recall plan, refer to the links, below.

Recall Plan

Label Buster – QLD Health

The application can be submitted via email at HPS@act.gov.au, post at Health Protection Service, Locked bag 5005, Weston Creek 2611 or in person at our office 25 Mulley street Holder.

Please note it takes up to 10 working days to assess an application and you are required to be registered before you can operate.

Please contact us on 6205 1700 if you have further queries.

Further to the registration information below, there is another registration option.

If you are an community organisation and not selling in shops then you do not need to register. http://www.health.act.gov.au/public-information/businesses/food-safety-regulation/requirements-community-organisations. No label requirements or recall plan required.

  1. however you do need to register if you are supplying a store
  2. If you are selling your jars of honey directly to the customer, eg market stall/neighbour.  In this situation, you can register as a home business to produce a low risk food product. There is no requirement for label or recall plan.  This is because the customer has the opportunity to speak directly with you and can confirm the content of the product (for potential allergens, etc).