The Association has four wax presses for the use of members. Wax presses are ideal for extracting honey from Warre hives, top bar hives, foundation-less Langstroth, feral comb and wax cappings.

Borrowing Rules: The wax presses are for the use of financial members only. A $50 deposit is collected to ensure timely and clean return of the equipment.

Bookings NORTHSIDE: Contact Joseph Czerwinski (Melba) on 0451 013 764 or 6154 3065

Bookings SOUTHSIDE: Contact Julie Taylor (Kambah) on 0403 463 580

Cost: There is no charge for borrowing the equipment but a $50 deposit is requested to ensure the timely and clean return of the wax presses.
Cleaning: The borrower is responsible for picking up and returning the equipment in a clean and hygienic condition. Stubborn wax can be removed by soaking in cold water.

Also, the following is a TIP from one of our members Cormac Farrell to simplify the extraction of honey from the Warre comb using this press: Place the comb in a cheesecloth that has been folded over 2 or 3 times, then crush. The honey will be crystal clear, you get a nice compressed cake of wax to render and the cleanup is a snap as there is no wax on the machine itself.