Honey Bee Colony Building & Swarm Control Workshop – 28 September 2019

Jerrabomberra Wetlands Apiary

Saturday 28 September 2019

Canberra Region Beekeepers will conduct a hands on workshop exploring time-honoured methods for building bee numbers quickly and intervening to prevent swarming. The singular objective of the course will be to assist club members to maximise honey production and to prevent swarming.

The workshop will be conducted by Alan Wade, Frank Derwent and Agnes Koros. Since the training session is apiary and not classroom based it may need to be rescheduled to match apiary conditions and the weather. An informal follow-up session may be needed to handle emergency and supersedure queen cell development arising out of swarm control measures undertaken during the workshop. Course participants will be expected to pick up a hive tool and reorganise bees, hence the strict limit on participant numbers.

When: Saturday 28 September 08.30-16.00

Where: Canberra Region Beekeepers Jerrabomberra Wetlands Apiary, 2 Dairy Road Fyshwick

Cost: $20 per person (15 participants maximum, first in best dressed)

Who: Beekeepers who have had some training and who have actively managed their bees

Bring: Clean bee suit, clean gloves, hat, sunburn cream and a snack

To get full value from the workshop read Clayton Leon Farrar’s 1937 and 1968 articles on building bees and George Demaree’s 1892 swarm prevention oration to the Ohio State Convention in Kentucky. These should provide participants a better understanding of what the workshop is about. The August 2019 newsletter Bee Buzz Box will include an article on Building bees for honey flows that class participants may find helpful. And if you are keen check out Demuth’s famous notes on swarming.

Farrar, C.L. (1937). The influence of colony populations on honey production. Journal of Apicultural Research 54(12):945-954. https://naldc.nal.usda.gov/download/IND43969007/PDF

Farrar, C.L. (1968). Productive management of honey-bee colonies. Apiacta 4:22-28.

Demaree, G.W. (1892). How to prevent swarming. American Bee Journal 27(17): 545-546. http://bees.library.cornell.edu/cgi/t/text/pageviewer-idx?c=bees;cc=bees;rgn=full%20text;idno=6366245_6511_017;didno=6366245_6511_017;view=image;seq=17;node=6366245_6511_017%3A3.2;page=root;size=s;frm=frameset

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