Some useful Literary resources

500 Answers to Bee Questions Root, 1978
ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture Root, 1983
About Honey Norris, 1970
About Pollen Binding, 1980
Apiculture Workshop Papers (2) Hawkesbury Agriculture College, 1983
Arthritis and Folk Medicine Jarvis, 1961
Australian Honey Cookbook, The Australian Honey Board, 1983 Cooking
Australasian Bee Manual Hopkins, 1986
Australasian Beekeeping Journals 1921 to present Monthly Publication
Batemans Bay Forestry District Apiary Management Survey Dept of Ag, NSW, 1994
Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey Brother Adam, 1975
Beekeeping for Business & Pleasure – Course Pack Dept of Ag, NSW, 1989
Beekeeping in Australia Bailey, 1982
Beekeeping Eckert and Shaw
Beekeeping Woden TAFE
Bees and Honey Dept. of Ag., NSW, 1945
Bees and Mankind Free, 1982
Brewing Mead Gayre, 1986
Chasing the Honeyflow Australian Geographic, 1993
Comb Honey Production Morse, 1978
Contemporary Queen Rearing Laidlaw, 1978
Dancing Bees Von Frisch, 1953
Economic Analysis of the Australian Honey Industry Bureau of Agricultural Economics, 1984
Eden/Bombala Forestry District Study of Beekeeper Usage and Importance” Dept of Ag, NSW, 1997
Eucalypts, Vol. 1 Kelly, 1969
Eucalypts, Vol. 2 Kelly, 1978
Floral Resource Database for the NSW Apiary Industry Dept of Ag, NSW, 1999
Healing Power of Pollen Hanssen, 1979
Hive and the Honey Bee Dadant, 1975
Honey Bee Brood Diseases Hansen, Henrik Helpful book for identifying brood diseases
Honey Cookery Stadtlaender, 1967
Honey Houses Stace
Honey Hunters of Nepal Valli and Summers
Honey Wines and Beers Furness, 1972
Honey Bord, 1983
Honeybee Program Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation, 1996-2001
How to Keep Bees and Sell Honey Kelley, 1983
In Search of the Best Strains of Bees Brother Adam, 1983
Making Mead Morse, 1980
Making Mead Acton and Duncan, 1990
Narooma Forestry District – Apiary Management Survey Dept of Ag, NSW, 1995
Native Trees of the A.C.T. Nat. Parks Assoc. of ACT, 1983
New Complete Guide to Beekeeping, The (Paperback) Morse, Roger A. Revised version of “The Complete Guide to Beekeeping”.
Nowra State Forest – Apiary Management Survey Dept of Ag, NSW, 1990
Overview of the Impacts of Feral and Managed Honeybees in Australia Australian Nature Conservation Agency, 1996
Pesticides Affecting Beekeeping and Crop Pollination Dept of Ag, NSW, 1986
Pillaga Scrub Forests as a Bee Farming Resource, The Dept of Ag, NSW, 1996
Pollination of Faba Beans Dept of Ag, NSW, 1995
Practical Beekeeping Howe, 1980
Practical Beekeeping Mace, 1977
Proceedings” Apimondia, 1999
Protein Content etc. of Honeybee Collected Pollens Stace, 1996
Queanbeyan/Badja State Forest – Apiary Management Potential Dept of Ag, NSW, 1995
Rearing Queen Bees Morse, 1979
Research Report Honeybee Research and Development Council, 1980-1995
Residential Beekeeping in Camberwell Camberwell Council, 1991
Starting Right with Bees Root, 1976
Swarming, Its Control and Prevention Snelgrove, 1981
This will give you a buzz – curriculum National Curriculum Services, 1995
Trees and Shrubs in Canberra Pryor and Banks, 1991
World of the Honeybee Butler, 1974
Workshop Papers. Apiculture (1) Hawkesbury Agriculture College, 1983
Year in the Beeyard, A Morse, Roger A. A discussion of the monthly tasks and problems for beekeepers.


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